Janet Morrow


When traumatic events strike, the physical response that accompanies the emotions can be eeriliy similar to the sensation of falling. This video explores the relationship between falling and failing, both in childhood play and in adult experiences of loss.

The Box
The cardboard box serves as a metaphor for hearing loss in my case, but I think it has relevance for anyone who ever feels trapped by physical or situational constraints.

Electronic Ears
This is a video version/augmentation of a performance piece in which I changed the batteries in my cochlear implants over and over in front of an audience. The impetus for the piece was a woman's personal account of going into a bathroom stall to change the batteries in her cochlear implants because she was embarrassed for people to see her doing it. I originally called the piece, "An Offensive Act."

Weather Balloons
I mounted an inexpensive wireless camera to several weather balloons inflated with helium and sent them aloft (tethered by a rope). The signal from the camera kept breaking up, but in a colorful, abstract way, awash in static. Occasional glimpses of the ground or rooftop sway and spin dizzingly. I sometimes find the world filtered through hearing loss and disequilibrium a rather confusing place and this video captures that feeling of disorientation.

An installation of organza windsocks is taped at various times of day and night in different weather conditions. The windsocks were suspended on steel cables attached to metal canopies. As the metal hardware on the windsocks skated back and forth across the steel cables, the metal canopies amplified the sound and created a strange, rasping music.
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